Learning Chinese Language in Conversational Immersion

About "Step into China"

"Step into China" is a Chinese language learning program for Canadians or non-native Chinese speakers learning Chinese language. Its key features are:
• Suitable for Beginner
• Conversational Immersion
• Standard Contemporary Chinese (Mandarin - Pu Tong Hua)                       

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Steven Cheng, born, raised in China and educated in home and abroad, came to Canada in 1998 after 20 years of blended experiences in China.

Steven is intimately familiar with Chinese culture and society, in-depth understanding of foreign language education, for years experiences in e-learning application, and is especially enthusiastic for culture interflow between Canada and China.

Recently Steven is a Business Development consultant for Elenet International Ltd., a partner of Beijing International Chinese College, facilitating Chinese language learning program in Canada and organizes learners to participate language and culture learning activities with Beijing International Chinese College in China.